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Brand, Charles.; Cutler, Anthony (1991).
Constantine viii "the Purple-born" ( ) 15 December November 1028 The second son of Romanos II, Constantine was born in 960 and raised to co-emperor in March 962.
As might be expected in those eastern lands in which urban civilization was several centuries old, cities persisted and, with them, a merchant class and a monetary economy.The circumstances of the last defense are suggestive too, for in 1453 the ancient, medieval, and modern worlds seemed briefly to meet.Impelled by necessity or lured by profit, people moved from province to province.The use of the title "Roman Emperor" by those ruling from Constantinople was not contested until after the.Abdicated following the revolt of Leo the Isaurian and became a monk.Son of Manuel II, brother of John viii and Constantine.Constantine hello casino welcome bonus code supported the mercantile classes and favoured the company of intellectuals, thereby alienating the military aristocracy.He weathered several revolts, but was overthrown by the Komnenos clan.Wealth accumulated during the 5th century had been expended, and, to satisfy the basic economic and military needs of state and society, there were too few native Romans.The theologians of Antioch taught that two natures coexisted separately in Christ, the latter being the chosen vessel of the Godheadthe man born of Mary.Each of these three cultures developed its own France: The conquests him into conflict with the Byzantine Empire ; a peace treaty was signed in 810812.Captain of the guards under Julian, elected by the army upon Julian's death.The latter province lay in the hands of the German chieftain Odoacer, who in 476 had deposed Romulus Augustulus, the last Roman emperor in the West.In fact, the economy and society of the empire as a whole during that period was the most diverse it had ever been.He died on 13 February 1332.He was executed in February 706.None of those advances was to characterize western European agriculture until the 10th century.The army, in short, was a creation of war and kept its quality only by participating in battlefield action, but further expansive warfare could hardly be undertaken by a society chronically short of men and money.Two years later Ignatius was deposed and replaced by a moderate: the scholar and layman Photius.Biography too became both markedly Christian and markedly popular.
Nicephorus I (ruled 802811 the able finance minister who succeeded Irene, reimposed the taxes that the empress had remitted and instituted other reforms that provide some insight into the financial administration of the empire during the early 9th century.
In later centuries, the Emperor could be referred to by Western Christians as the "Emperor of the Greeks".

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